Description: “Get Up, Stand Up” This program addresses internal and external challenges to sovereignty in the Americas and examines the ways in which the nations of the Americas cope with the dilemma of maintaining economic and cultural sovereignty in the face of strong pressures, both foreign and domestic. The program, set in Colombia, Jamaica and Panama, explores a wide range of threats to sovereignty, from narco-terrorism to foreign intervention.

Copies: 1 (VHS)

Length: 60 minutes


Description: Banned in Panama and labeled “subversive” in the United States, The Panama Deception gives an account of the events of 1989, when 26,000 U.S. government troops invaded the country searching for one man, Manuel Noriega. Made by a group of independent filmmakers, the film documents the atrocities that the official story omits. Includes follow-up interviews with the film’s creators, and several bonus features concerning Panama, Latin America, and Iraq. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 91 minutes