Description: An adaptation for ballet by Antonio Gades, Spain’s leading ballet and flamenco star, of Federico Garcia Lorca’s famous folk tragedy, performed in full costume in a bare Madrid rehearsal hall.

Copies: 1

Length: 71 minutes


Description: A modern dance company rehearses a flamenco-ballet version of the Bizet opera, and the principal performers commence living out the scenario in the reality of their own daily lives. It is passionate, pulsating and beautifully danced: Gades is one of Spain’s most famous flamenco dancers the former director of the National Ballet.

Copies: 1 (VHS)

Length: 99 minutes


Description: One of the most purely joyful pieces of cinema in year. A tango dancer falls in love with his beautiful partner and clashes with her gangster boyfriend. Using a variety of tempos, pairings, and rhythms, the many breathtaking tango numbers illustrate the complexity and depth of the dancers’ emotions as well as the tango’s lush appeal.

Copies: 2 (DVD and VHS) Length: 115 minutes