Description: Set in pre-revolutionary Cuba (late 1950s), this winner of the 1990 Grand Coral Prize in Havana deals with the inner conflicts of a young girl’s coming of age, her identification with a Hemingway she never meets, and a society she finds confining. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 90 minutes


Description: Dawn breaks in La Habana, and as the day advances we follow the simple lives of ten ordinary Cubans, with only sounds and images accompanied by music. The film documents a day in the life of Cubans who struggle with the harsher side of life in revolutionary Cuba. The adults do not smile or utter a single word throughout the film. Copies: 2 (DVD) Length: 86 minutes


Description: An absurd, slyly critical film in which Bebe takes us on a taxi ride through Havana on the day of Santa Bárbara/Chango. Set to the music of Bola de Nieve and Benny Moré, the characters of Mariana, a ballerina, Julia, a middle-aged woman, and Elpido, a musician, intersect in a surreal, dazzling slice of life.

Copies: 2 (DVD) Length: 106 minutes