Description: “A Day Without a Mexican” is a “mocumentary” – a real documentary about a false event! California is shocked. One third of its population has disappeared and they are all Hispanics. Reporters take to the streets to capture the immediate effects of the crisis: “The Mexicans disappeared? That’s great!” Have you been to the store…$6 for a head of lettuce, $8 for a pound of tomatoes.” The film mixes facts and fiction with a touch of humor. Fact and fiction quickly begin to look alike, calling into question the idea of “objectivity” and “documentary as the truth.” Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 30 minutes



Description: The California Dream suddenly becomes a hilarious nightmare when the entire Latin American population of the Golden State vanishes. For most “the disappearance” forces the cracks in their private lives wide open, including news reporter Lila Rodriguez, the state’s last remaining Hispanic, and senator Steven Abercrombie III, who becomes governor pro tem despite his anti-immigrant stance. Confusion, misunderstandings and humorous situations abound, making this film a comedic satire and a modern fable with a very current message. This is the full-length feature film based on the 1997 short film of the same name. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 98 minutes