Description: The brutal tale of a teenager making a go of it in one of the world’s toughest town’s: Medellin, Colombia. Rodrigo dreams of playing rock and roll. He rallies his friends into a punk band. From a web of violence, fear, aimlessness, drugs, and jail, rock and roll emerges as salvation, escape, hope –and agony. Employing a cast of young actors and real-life street toughs – some of whom meet violent ends before the film was released – Rodrigo D invites comparisons to Luis Buñuel’s classic Los Olvidados. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 91 minutes


Description: Thirteen year-old Monica survives the urban Columbian streets by selling flowers to couples at local bars and restaurants. She is befriended by 10 year-old Andrea, who left her home to flee from her abusive mother. Together, with other friends, they sniff glue and puff cigarettes and marijuana. The film is a portrayal of 24 hours of Monica’s life–on Christmas Eve–as she dreams of spending Christmas with her boyfriend. In reality, it is just another day of misery lost in the swirl of glue intoxication.

Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 116 minutes