Title: ORFEU
Description: The legend of Orpheus and Eurydice is retold against the madness of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The story is enhanced by brilliant performances, thrilling music, and magnificent color photography.
Type: Feature Film
Year: 1999
Director: Carlos Diegues
Country: Brazil
Film ID: 10
Copy: 1   Format: DVD-R   Language: Portuguese   Subtitles: English   Length: 112 minutes   Copy ID: 1032   Comments:    Source:    Price: 0   Acquired: 9/9/9999


Description: A small-time traveling sideshow plays over 9,000 miles of backcountry Brazil, a mixture of primitivism and progress. One of the most original and entertaining films of recent years, it is an exotic, entertaining, exuberant, and often very moving film by Carlos Diegues.

Copies: 1 (DVD)

Length: 110 minutes


Description: Based on a true story from the 1800s, the film relates the tragic story of two young lovers: Camila, from a wealthy traditional family, and a young priest. They both defy family, church, and state in order to pursue their happiness. This is Maria Luisa Bemberg’s most acclaimed film, earning an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film.

Copies: 1 (DVD)

Length: 108 minutes


Description: This richly allegorical film, set amid bandits and prophets in arid Northeastern Brazil of the early twentieth century, is a classic work of cinema novo by one of Brazil’s premier directors, Gláuber Rocha. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 120 minutes


Description: This rare example of classic Mexican cinema examines the corrupted ideals of the Revolution in the story of an opportunistic landowner who faces the choice of remaining loyal to a general in Zapata’s army and being financially ruined or saving his own skin. The character of the general is clearly modeled on Zapata himself. Copies: 3 (DVD and VHS) Length: 81 minutes


Description: Based on a story by Juan Rulfo. A poor man is given a near-dead fighting cock and he nurses him back to life. While this brings him life, he finds that when he forgets his roots and he soon runs out of luck. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 105 minutes


Description: A classic of Cuban cinema, which looks at the lives of three women, an upper class Lucía in the 1890s, a middle class Lucía in the 1930s, and a working class Lucía in the 1960s. Copies: 2 (DVD and VHS) Length: 160 minutes


Description: The talents of top director Roberto Gavaldon, novelist B. Traven (The Treasure of the Sierra Madre) and cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa combined to produce this gentle, moving fable on human morality. Macario is a young peasant, despondent over his inability to provide for his family. On the Day of the Dead, he meets Death, disguised as another peasant, who trades him the power to cure the dying for a portion of turkey. Macario’s fame spreads around the country, and he soon has a flourishing business until a local doctor decides to call in the Inquisition. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 91 minutes


Description: This classic of Mexican cinema begins when a young woman reporter interviewing a world-famous artist, asks him about a painting of a nude Indian girl he had done years before and which he never revealed. The painter replies that it was the cause of a tragedy and proceeds to tell its story. Maria, a woman who lives in Xochimilco, struggles with the owner of the general store, to whom she owes money, her love for Lorenzo, and the artist who tries at all costs to paint the portrait of the beautiful woman who he had noticed at the market. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 97 minutes


Description: Set in the early 1960s, the film centers on the Europeanized Cuban intellectual, too idealistic (or lazy) to leave Miami, but too decadent to fit into the new Cuban society. This is both a critique of Revolutionary society and a critique of that critique. It is also the first film from post-revolutionary Cuba to be released in the U.S. Copies: 2 (DVD) Length: 97 minutes


Description: Released in 1917, this silent film focuses on the apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico. Lupita, a young woman in Mexico is concerned about her fiancée’s trip to Europe because of the war. The woman asks for the intervention of Guadalupe to protect him. Copies: 1 (DVD)


Description: Daughter of a rebel, Angustias is ostracized for her refusal to marry, her independence, and her scorn for men. She falls in love, only to be rejected because of her race and class which cause her to return to her role as a revolutionary.

Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 85 minutes


Description: Based on one of the masterpieces of Spanish American literature, the novel by Juan Rulfo was adapted for the screen by Carlos Fuentes. Juan Preciado travels to the town of Comala to find his father, Pedro Páramo (John Gavin); instead he finds a phantom town where death is the reigning presence. Copies: 2 (DVD and VHS)


Description: Based on The Pearl by John Steinbeck, who also assisted with the cinematography, this stunning film portrays the struggles of a poor Mexican family. Set in a community in Baja, the film centers around the family’s efforts to survive and save their baby by diving for pearls. A disturbing vision of poverty and racism, and a visual masterpiece, due to the direction of Emilio Fernandez and the photography of Gabriel Figueroa. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 77 minutes


Description: In this tale of fantasy and folklore, Yanco, a small Indian boy, is considered bewitched because of his hypersensitivity to sound. When his music teacher dies, the boy begins to play mysterious melodies during the night. His talent reaches such a peak that the villagers feel that it is the old teacher coming back to haunt the village.

Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 85 minutes