Description: El Prisionero 13 (Prisoner 13) is part of the trilogy of films made by Fernando Fuentes concerning the Mexican Revolution. The film centers on the drunkard Colonel Carrasco, whose wife Marta leaves him taking his young son.

Type: Feature Film
Year: 1933
Director: Fernando de Fuentes
Country: Mexico
Film ID: 717
Created: 9/27/2010
Copy: 1   Format: DVD-R   Language: Spanish   Subtitles:    Length: 74 Minutes


Description: Seeking the promise of America, a beautiful young woman, Sayra, joins her father on an odyssey to cross the gauntlet of the Latin America countryside. Along the way, she crosses paths with a teenaged Mexican gang member, El Casper, who is maneuvering to outrun his violent past. Together they have to rely on faith, trust and street smarts if they are to survive their increasingly perilous journey towards the hope of new lives.

Type: Feature Film
Year: 2009
Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga
Country: Latin America
Film ID: 755
Comments: Rated R for violence, language and some sexual content
Created: 11/28/2011
Copy: M   Format: DVD   Language: Spanish   Subtitles: English   Length: 1 hr. 36 min.


Description: For three years, filmmakers Rachèle Magloire and Chantal Regnault followed members of a unique group of outcasts in Haiti: criminal deportees from North America. Since 1996, the United States has implemented a policy of repatriation of all foreign residents who have been convicted of crimes. A new life begins for these deportees in an environment that is both completely unfamiliar and quite hostile. Most have not been on Haitian soil since they left as very young children. Many no longer have family on the island and speak little, if any, Creole. Some struggle with addiction and others are coping with mental illness. Most have very limited financial means with which to manage any sort of reintegration. And Haitians are generally less than welcoming. They know that these North Americans have committed crimes and view them with suspicion. Through a series of individual portraits, DEPORTED gives voice to the former offenders and their families. Viewers are left to ponder the multifaceted

Type: Documentary
Year: 2013
Director: Rachele Magloire and Chantal Regnault
Country: Haiti and France
Film ID: 817
Created: 9/11/2014
Copy: 1m   Format: DVD   Language: English and Haitian Creole   Subtitles: English   Length: 72 minutes   Copy ID: 1446   Comments: subtitles are also available in French

Aleijadinho: Passion, Glory and Torment

Part of a two DVD set called “Race and History in Brazil.” The other DVD in this set is called “Denying Brazil.” ALEIJADINHO: PASSION, GLORY AND TORMENT is a fictionalised drama about the life of 18th-century sculptor Antonio Francisco Lisboa, who was known as Aleijadinho. Born the son of a slave, Lisboa struggles with prejudice, mental illness, and disease but never stops expressing himself through his art.
Type: Feature Film
Year: 2000
Director: Geraldo Santos Pereira
Country: Brazil
Film ID: 827
Created: 3/16/2015
Copy: M   Format: DVD   Language: Portuguese   Subtitles: English   Length: 100 minutes

Children Stories in Spanish

The DVD contains various stories in Spanish.

Copy: M   Format: DVD   Language: Spanish   Subtitles:    Length: 82 minutes


Fausta suffers from “The Milk of Sorrow”, an illness transmitted through mother’s milk by women who’ve been raped during Peru’s Civil Wars. Stricken with the fear the she’s contracted the illness from her mother’s break milk — Fausta goes to extreme lengths to protect her own sexuality and safety. After her mother’s sudden death, she finds herself compelled to embark on a frightening journey for re-awakening, freedom and wholeness.

Copy: M   Format: DVD   Language: Spanish and Quechua   Subtitles: English   Length:  94 minutes   Copy ID: 1443  Comments:  Source:


All the country is suddenly tuned into what seems to be a soap opera: a zombie who has just escaped tells the press about the love that he feels for a woman. A female reporter follows closely the story. We discover through her report how a group of politicians have decided to exploit the zombie’s popularity. They propel him as a presidential candidate. But they do so without thinking about the ambitions of Baron Samedi, the lord of the cemeteries, with his weapons of mass seduction.


The life and work of Haitian painter Jean-Claude “Tiga’ Garoute. TIGA. At one end of a Caribbean island dominated by madness and chaos, there is an artist philosopher. His dream is to make all the people of this island find the hidden creator within each of them and become free. For that he became one with the madness of the country. He became one with its hallucinations. He convoked Ubu, he looked at Dada, he questioned all the Gods of Voodoo. He wanted to decipher all the signs of his people.

Copy: M   Format: DVD   Language: French, English, or Spanish   Subtitles: None   Length:  90 minutes   Copy ID: 1449  Comments:  Source:


Neighboring Sounds is a the thrilling debut from filmmaker Kleber Mendonca Fihlo. On a quiet city block in the coastal city of Recife, rules by an aging patriarch and his sons, a recent spate of petty crime has rattled the nerves of the well-to-do residents. When a mysterious security firm is brought in to watch over the neighborhood, it sparks the fears and anxieties of a divided society still haunted by its past.

Copy: M   Format: Blueray Disc   Language: Portuguese   Subtitles: English   Length:  131 minutes   Copy ID: 1442  Comments:  Source:


Filmed over nearly three years, WASTE LAND follows renowned artist Vik Muniz as he journeys from his home base in Brooklyn to his native Brazil and the world’s largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Mixes art with social projects. Addresses issues such as classism.

Copy: M   Format: DVD   Language: Portuguese and English   Subtitles: Portuguese and English   Length:  99 minutes   Copy ID: 1441  Comments:  Source:


Raca tackles racial inequality in Brazil, via the lives of three black Brazilians: Paulo Paim, the only black senator of the republic; Netinho Paula, singer and TV presenter, and Tiny dos Santos, Maroon activist and granddaughter of slaves. The filmmakers followed these 3 people for a number of years – people they consider are on the frontlines of the country’s race debate/divide – in an effort to bring something unique to the public.

Copy: 1   Format: DVD   Language: Spanish   Subtitles: None   Length: 42 minutes   Copy ID: 1451  Comments:    Source: