Description: Entre Los Muertos is a documentary by Jorge Dalton which examines the way San Salvador’s citizens cope with the violence of devastating street crime, constant earthquakes and the ripple effects of decades long war. The film yields strong emotions as it explores the ways in which people perceive and deal with death. The film displays communities who live in cemeteries where tombstones are playgrounds, ‘funerary brokers’ who scout dead bodies for commission, families who bury kin in their backyard, and funerals and festivities on the Day of the Dead. It is an investigation of the economy of death, the value of life and how San Salvadorians walk a fine line between normalizing and desensitizing death, due to their historical roots in violence.
Subject: History, Latinos/Chicanos, Politics/Human Rights
Type: Documentary
Year: 2006
Director: Jorge Dalton
Country: El Salvador
Film ID: 782
Created: 4/10/2012
Copy: 1   Format: DVD   Language: spanish   Subtitles: English   Length: 60 minutes   Copy ID: 1409   Comments: master copy for classroom use only   Source:    Price: 0   Acquired: 9/9/9999

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