Title: Presumed Guilty
Description: In December, 2005, Tono Zuniga was picked up off the street of Mexico City, Mexico, and sentenced to 20 years for a murder he knew nothing about. A friend of Tono’s contacted two young lawyers, Robert Hernandez and Layda Negrete, who gained prominence in Mexico when they helped bring about the release of another innocent man from prison. Shot over three years with unprecedented access to the Mexican courts and prisons, this dramatic story is a searing indictment of a justice system that presumes guilt.
Type: Documentary
Year: 2009
Director: Roberto Hernandez & Geoffrey Smith
Country: Mexico
Film ID: 753
Created: 11/28/2011
Copy: M   Format: DVD   Language: Spanish   Subtitles: English   Length: 88 min.   Copy ID: 1388   Comments: only checking out for classrooms   Source:    Price: 0   Acquired: 11/1/2011

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