Description: In the 70’s and 80’s , Cuba had overcome the crises of the first decade of the revolution and had settled into realizing a new identity, creating the new man Che had envisioned.Despite the lask of many material comforts, the idealism if the people kept afloat their proud , shared conviction that a new type of society was possible.People were not obsessed with consumption and gain and the basic necessities were provided, along with free education and health care. Here is an intimate portrait of those who lived Cuba’s utopian dream during the golden era of the revolution.It is alos a lament for the end of that dream, which began to fizzle after the fall of the Berlin Wall and has since continued on a downward spiral. Through interviews we learn of the disillusionment of the Cuban people suffere- and continue to suffer – seeing the beloved island of their youth turn into a nightmare.

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