Description: The title of this film is a play on words. By adding an "i" to the expression for coup d’etat in Spanish, its meaning has now been changed to “stadium over throw.” The film is full of satire that is easy to understand, intelligent, and hilarious. Soccer, as the usual common denominator of people worldwide except in the US, serves as the pretense to dish out some of the most notorious social problems in the country. Exploitation by multi nationals, companies’ complicity with guerrillas and thus with the drug lords, the innocence of the common people, corruption, prostitution, poverty, are all actually made quite funny. Serving as comic relief, this movie is a scathing political and social satire of all the parties involved in the nation’s problems. What brings the people "together" is their passion for soccer, and in this film, finding a way to watch the 1994 qualifying match between the Colombian national team and Argentina rises above all differences, to become top priority. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 120 minutes