Description: This film contains two episodes from The Children of the Earth Series. GUATEMALA: Natividad Hernández is a 14-year-old Maya girl, called “Nati” by her friends. Her isolated mountain village retains many traditions which strengthen its sense of identity. But Nati’s world is changing. A recently constructed road brings new influences to the community; and farm land is growing scarce. Soon she will make important choices about the direction her life will take. EL SALVADOR: José Marvin Benítez is 15. Everyone calls him Marvin. A child of refugee parents, he was born in Nicaragua during the civil war of the 1980s. After years of uncertainty, Marvin’s family has returned to El Salvador to sink roots in Nueva Esperanza, a jungle cooperative village of 200 refugee families. He shows us his family, school and village.

Copies: 1 (VHS) Length: 14 minutes each