Description: Manuela is the story of a mulato guajira (peasant woman) who is transformed into a revolutionary guerrilla fighter. With little dialogue and the use of hand held cameras Solas manages to convey the message and engage the viewer emotionally. A collaboration with cinematographer Jorge Herrera. Por Primera Vez is a documentary in which the crews of ICAIC’s Moving Cinema visit “Los Mulos,” in the mountains of Baracoa. There, they observe and interact with the peasants of the area who are seeing film for the first time. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 41 minutes


Description: Taken from Cuba as a child by his father, Roberto returns to the island 32 years later in search of his mother. He soon finds his American customs in conflict with those of his birthplace. Also, he discovers new revelations about his family history: though told his mother had abandoned him, Roberto learns from his cousin Pilar that his wealthy father had kidnapped him when fleeing the Revolution- leaving behind his poor black mother. Roberto, Pilar, and a driver named Antonio then take up a journey through Cuba to track her down, only to make more shocking discoveries along the way. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 123 minutes